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I have just finished a road trip talking to developers about preparing for cloud computing, Silverlight 2, IE8 and upcoming announcements at PDC.

The session is intended as a high level over-view to set the scene for the next wave of IT trends and development technologies hitting us square between the eyes at PDC in just under two weeks time.

The start of the presentation is inspired by a very popular talk that Miha Kralj gave at Tech.Ed NZ on the future of IT. I contacted Miha to see if he was comfortable representing his material on cloud computing in my unplugged session which he agreed to.

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The Discussion

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    He's indeed an oddball, all his 7 mentioned myths are themselves... myths!  Since he just picked the truths apart into partial truths to try and make a sales pitch.  For the record tho, I LOVE the cloud, but how he is bending words for his benefit is against what I believe.

    1. Azure is what?  Architecture+Infrastructure = Platform
    2. Damn right every major vendor will have their own "Cloud", Oracle, Microsoft, Dell, Google, etc; will all have their own clouds based on fear of Intellectual Property and trade secrets or source code leaking into another vendors hands.
    3. SaaS IS a cloud app, its an application which is run on many computers at once, applications easily fit into a SaaS topology like seeing 1 element of a naive array as one physical machine, thus executing a closure upon each machine for almost balanced workloads.
    4. Clusters and movie production render farms are totally different, not even Map-Reduce qualifies as cloud computing to me, its far too limited in scope to be as general purpose as what historical grids have provided, like folding@home for example.
    5. Well not like you really have a cloud on 1 machine, thats just being stuck in a historical rut of sequential code being run on 1 core, and preventing multi-threaded bugs to be seen on a single core for the same reason.  The coolest and only way to achieve local cloud computing is having 1 VM bind to 1 core on a Many-Core of the future with hardware supported message passing to one another on the motherboard to create a local Virtual Grid.  Tongue Out
    6. The Cloud is 100% dependent on the internet for both transportation mechanisms and encapsulation methods, so he just got his thoughts reversed....
    7. This one is the most radical, and its almost not a myth on 1 merit, the ONLY thing that cannot be in the cloud, is what you use to access it, the bootstrap mechanism(point of entry).  Once that is not the case, say an embedded OS, or a mobile device, THEN ALL DATA will be on the cloud, it would free up every company, every person for flexible confidentiality of their data. With accessibility from any location on Earth as long as they are bootstrapped to access the Cloud(Internet).  So just omitting the method of accessing the cloud, to say it isn't included as "Everything", then yes, EVERYTHING will be in the cloud.

    Just my thoughts for now, time to go to another vid as I wait for PDC beauty. Smiley

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