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David Teitlebaum and Jaime Rodriguez discuss the graphics improvements in .NET 4. David demoes cached composition, pixel shaders 3, and animation easing functions. He also explains discusses rounding, and ClearType Hint.

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David's and Tim's demos

Note: the graphics are fast, we captured screen on software and it did not keep up, that is why the horribly sloooow(yawn) refresh rate on the demos. Try the demos, if you have .NET 4 beta2.



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The Discussion

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    There's a big problem with this video. All the screencaptures have very low framerate so during the demos of framerate improvements you can't even tell there's been an improvement.

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    Jaime Rodriguez

    Hi Sialivi,

    Agree that the screen captures are horrible.  Our hardware-based screen capture was broken and doing it in software did not work.

    If you are running  beta2, you can download the samples and see the benefits.   We will try to re-record the demo soon.



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    Ironically the demos actually work better when it cuts back to the main camera and you can see it on the screen behind you guys. Whilst screencaps are better if you're showing code samples which need to be readable, I think it's overkill for the "here's a resizing purple box" type of thing.


    Got to be said though, this stuff looks very useful. I can see it being very helpful at improving performance in a lot of scenarios.

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    I get an "Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application." dialog box when trying to run the samples. I have VS2010 Beta 2 and .NET Framework Beta 2 installed. Do these samples require a post-Beta 2 .NET, so we can't view them?




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    I second that.  The samples do not run on Beta 2 and there's no source to recompile then.

    Jaime - can you repost with the beta 2 bindings?

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    Jaime Rodriguez

    Hi folks.  I just re-tested on my machine and demos still work.

    Some thing must be wrong on my side (later build likely); let me get a clean beta2 machine again. Thanks for your patience. 



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    Jaime Rodriguez

    Samples have been reposted. Simply re-download.  I included source for David's samples.  Tim still wanted to clean it up, but his app ran fine on vanilla beta2.  Will keep nagging him to share the shader.

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