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Jeff Fong, the Design lead for Windows Phone kicks-off Windows Phone design day with his overview of Metro.

This video is part of the Windows Phone Design Days Series.



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The Discussion

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    Great, thanks!

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    Good stuff! That was the first time I actually saw the incoming coming call screen look that way, using the big profile pic... it looked beautiful. The UI as a whole looks very polished and more integrated than any other phone OS out there.

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    Really great and inspiring! Thanks for sharing. Does anyone know what the design idea / goal was for the simple application list that appears when you pan over from the start screen? If the marketplace ends up with 1000s of apps, would that design principle still hold? Wouldn't the user have to keep scrolling to get to the end. I understand the user can use search. Just curious to know what the thought process was. Thanks! 

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    No. Every phone will have a dedicated "search" hardware button. You pan to your apps list and just start typing the name of your app with search.

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    I like the flat icons a lot actually.  I like glossy as most other do, but sometimes, a simple icon and simple text is better.  And the tiles are large, I have larger fingers (like most guys) and it makes the phone more usable to have a bigger hit target.  And yes, it also nice to see Metro differentiate itself from the other phones on the market which have glossy icons.


    The other thing I like is the dedicated back button.  On my iPhone, some apps put the back button on the top left some on the bottom left and having a dedicated button is almost like the "ESC" button on a keyboard, it's always in the same place and it can't be obfuscated by graphics or other notifications.

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