Windows Phone Design Days - Pivot and Pano

Play Windows Phone Design Days - Pivot and Pano

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    Thanks! This presentation cleared up a question I had for awhile with the statement "Never use a Pivot or Pano to create a wizard flow"... I was wondering how to hack in a task-based flow with these controls, and the answer is, you don't Smiley

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    Hey Now Jaime,


    Wow! Great Vid!


    Thx 4 the ifnfo,


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    Bill Spaulding

    can you please elaborate on the pivot inside of pano rule of thumb? the music pano example seems to have all pivots underneath it yet the guidelines say do not place a pivot in a pano. i guess im not clear on why a pivot in a pano is bad. if the pivot opens above the pano and you can simply close it to return to the top level pano..that seems clean to me

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