Back To Basics - Race Conditions, Part 1

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Welcome to the "Back To Basics" Screencast Series. In this series of screencasts, we will be taking a look at specific .NET language features, as well as features of the .NET Framework itself. We'll be playing particular attention to how these various features work and why you, as a developer, need to understand how they work.

In the first several screencasts, we'll take a look at several common pitfalls when writing multi-threaded code. In this screencast, we'll dive into race conditions, how they can show up in your code, and what you can do to fix them.



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The Discussion

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    Congratulations on a great start to what promises to be an excellent series!
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    Nice little introduction to what race conditions are. However, I thought you could dig a little deeper into what Interlocked.Increment does, and also give examples of other methods of locking chunks of code. It's called "Back To Basics" after all.
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    Great ideas Matt. I will dig deeper into Interlocked.Increment in the next Race Conditions screencast. I'll cover other locking methods in a future screencast as well.

    Thanks for watching!
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    Thanks Mavstar!
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    I like seeing how things are done, rather than listening to lengthy discussions. I get lost in the terminology sometimes, and find it easier to watch it working. Enjoyed the screencast, thought it was very informative. I agree with Matty in that delving further into the functionality of the methods you described would be helpful.  But look forward to seeing this series continue.
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    Great podcast, I can see that this series is going to be really good! Can't wait for more coding goodness in the next video.
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    Great podcast. It'll be sure to check out your future posts.
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    A little late to the party, but I thought this podcast was very informative.
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    Nice video. Any plans on doing Part 2, .... n ? I have been waiting for long.

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    Hii.. Great video.. Please continue the series.. waiting for part2...

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