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Eric Hanson, principal program manager for SQL Server data warehousing, walks through several of the key features and functions of SQL Server 2008. Video 1 is on configuring DW storage.
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The Discussion

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    Great topic, but what was the rationale for assigning multiple (four) data files to a single filegroup?


    Let's assume:
    • a desire to favor query performance (i.e., sequential I/O) over load times
    • a willingness to assign a filegroup to each fact table
    • fact tables are 'properly loaded' to facilitate sequential I/O, and have a clustered key
    • we ignore tempdb


    It's easy to find Microsoft DW whitepapers recommending a *single* file per filegroup, warning that proportional fill leads to file switching and hindered read-aheads.


    Other sources, such as this video, advocate multiple files per filegroup.


    Fast Track papers are content with a single filegroup (Primary), too, and recommend two files per RAID 1 LUN (~drive). Furthermore, the number of cores drives the number of LUNs (~drives).


    Oddly, the SQL CAT team loves proportional fill striping, makes no mention of file switching, and only warns that proportional fill can hinder DW *load* times via smaller scatter/gather writes.

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