Channel 9 Blog for JonUdell
  • Where is WinFS now?
    54 minutes, 0 seconds
  • Andreas Ulbrich demonstrates the Microsoft Visual Programming Language
  • Embedding a Popfly widget in Facebook
  • RESTful Robotics: Henrik Frystyk Nielsen on the Microsoft Robotics Studio
  • Creating and displaying web data in Office Live. Four minutes. No programming.
  • A conversation with Partha Sundaram about SQM (software quality metrics)
    32 minutes, 30 seconds
  • A tag-oriented tour of the Windows Vista Photo Gallery
  • Showing and hiding the Office  ribbon
  • Showing and hiding the Office ribbon
  • Jon Udell and Mary Czerwinski on interruptions, context reacquisition, and spatial/temporal memory
    42 minutes, 55 seconds