Anti-XSS Library v3.1: Find, Fix, and Verify Errors

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Anil Revuru (RV) from Microsoft Information Security, gives a demonstration of the new features on the Anti-XSS Library v3.1  including HTML Sanitization which provides new methods to the Anti-XSS class to strip malicious characters or scripts off of HTML and returns safe HTML.

He talks about:

  • What is Cross-Site Scripting Attack (XSS)
  • How to detect Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
  • Introduction of Anti-XSS Library
  • What’s new in Anti-XSS Library 3.1
  • Anti-XSS 3.1 demo
  • Security Runtime Engine (SRE)
  • SRE Demo

To learn more about this application and stay up to date on the latest news, read the following blogs from Information Security and previous posts from the Security Tools Team blog.

Overview of the Anti-XSS Library
Download: Microsoft Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library v3.1



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