Connected Information Security Framework: Core Components

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Marius Grigoriu and Vineet Batta, from Microsoft Information Security, talk about the technical components for the first version of Connected Information Security Framework (CISF).  A software development framework comprising of API’s and reusable components that is designed to create bespoke or custom information security and risk management solutions like Risk Tracker.

Microsoft’s IT Information Security Tools Team designs and develops CISF to “engineer the security delta” meaning as a way to rapidly meet business requirements and create functionality that doesn’t exist or is not yet available in their product range.

They explain the core pieces CISF consists of like: Business Intelligent, Portal, Notification, and others that help build information security applications cheaper, faster, and better

To learn more about this framework and stay up to date on the latest news, read the following blogs from Information Security and previous posts from the  Security Tools Team blog

To see an overview of what CISF is watch the video: CISF: Build Custom Security Solutions

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