The Labs of Microsoft Hardware 1 of 6

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    This is going to be a very interesting set of video's if the first one is anything to go by.


    I was surprised that the range of tests the humble mouse under goes was that sophisticated. It has given me a little more respect for it.

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    I agree Smiley I've been using a SideWinder X8 for two weeks now and I know how it was tested Big Smile

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    I'm with you on this one.  I couldn't believe the amout of test surfaces the tracking sensor goes is exposed to.  Not to mention the machines used to test the poor mice.  I find it funny, I know lots of users (Mac and PC) who have ditched their default keyboard/mouse their system came with in favor of Microsoft hardware.


    I look forward to part 2!

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    Hey !

    I hope that in the future you will build even better illuminated keyboards.

    I'm planning to buy one in the future...



    And I have a preference for wired stuff.

    I wonder: Can't you put a  USB port of some kind on the keyboard that will accept either a transmitter or a USB cable ?

    In that way it could be both wireless and wired.

    And if you buy a wireless and run out of battery or you don't want it to be a wireless, you simply remove the transmitter from the keyboard and plug a USB cable in.


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