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Back in December, I talked to Dan Rosenfeld about the capacitive version of the Mouse 2.0 project (we also went by the Fab Lab where mice are born). Hrvoje Benko is a researcher in the Adaptive Systems and Interaction group at Microsoft Research and is also working on the project. I recently stopped by Benko's office to get more info and a detailed look at how some of the optical versions of Mouse 2.0 may work.

In this video, Benko walks us through a deconstruction of the Orb mouse prototype and the FTIR (Frustrated Total Internal Reflection) mouse prototype.



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The Discussion

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    Very cool mouse.....Big Smile

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    This research is interesting and I'm curious what lessons were learned.  I imagine this research delved into new UI concepts.  For example, the Orb mouse may feel very much at home if contextual menus were circular instead of up/down.  Up/down menus require either a finger swipe (mouse 2.0) or wrist movement (mouse 1.0).  Carefully crafted circular menus might only require a tap by the corresponding finger.  Whether that would be advantageous or notm who knows.

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    That's what I was getting at with my question at 4:57. It seemed with these two mouses the focus was on hardware and function more than use planning. 

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    that's awsome


    so is the name "fab lab" by the way, just... super.. Wink

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    am guessing that they are also other team is

    working on extending .net framework

    to adapt with this new clicks and new gestures and so on



    thats true ,right?


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