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A Look Behind the Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop

13 minutes, 42 seconds


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We are coming up on 20 years of ergonomic keyboards at Microsoft and today we take a look behind our latest products to sooth your tired wrists. Of the three, the most stark departure from 'normal' keyboards is the Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop. I've been using this keyboard now for several weeks and it is a pleasure to use. it includes a detached keypad. This is partly because the numpad is not used as often, but it is also because the numpad requires you to move your hand out beyond it, which could be uncomfortable in the long term. I love the detachable keypad because when I'm playing a game on my PC I don't really need a full keyboard, I just use the detached numpad and a mouse. Suneel Goud, Rachel Waite, and James Tsai walk us through some of the considerations they had when creating the ergo line of products.  


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  • The Sculpt Ergonomic desktop looks great unless you are a leftie, in which case the mouse is unworkable. Will there be a left handed version or is the keyboard available separately?

  • Bboy360RealBboy360 Image is Everything

    Bring back the MS thumb trackball mouse morons.  That wireless keyboard would be great except the last MS wireless keyboard would never work good and I had to chuck it.  Even if it works 98% of the time, it's very frustrating when you press a key and nothing happens.

  • dan_tdtower Surface Fan

    Very interesting. I'm one of those people who is never quite happy with my keyboard or my mouse so I tend to collect quite a few. For a long time I've really liked the ThinkPad keyboards on laptops so when Lenovo came out with the external USB version I ordered it right away. Sadly it looked like a traditional ThinkPad keyboard but it didn't feel the same at all and the track stick didn't even work the same. surprisingly, one of my favorite keyboards right now is the Surface Type keyboard. The key feel is very good. I like the mechanical feel and my typing speed is better with it than the Comfort keyboard at my desk.

    The large mouse does look comfortable but I worry that it wouldn't feel as accurate for gaming. I may have to try it out to see.

  • Great video. I have been using the Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop for a couple weeks now.  I love the mouse and the way the keyboard feels but the switch to toggle between Fn key functions is less than ideal.  I really wish there was just a key that you had to press along with the appropriate Fn key to use the alternate functions. If the keyboard was just a bit bigger so it had dedicated keys for Play/Pause, Mute, and Volume Up/Down like the Natural Ergonomic 4000 model had, that would be awesome.

  • Andrew JonesAndrew Jones

    I bought two of these. One is great, the other has broken space bar(s). You have to really hit the space bars hard right in the middle (and sometimes keep pressed and wriggle the key). If you press anywhere near the ends of the button yougetnothing.

    I'm not very impressed either when I tried to return it. I had real trouble trying to report a problem with Microsoft. I'm in UK and get routed to a call centre in India I think. They kept asking for a PID number on a white sticker on the back of the product. This keyboard has some tiny laser etched text inside the battery compartment but definitely no white sticker or number they recognised. Repeatedly they would cut me off when I could not provide the non-existent number. Eventually I got put through to someone in USA who also had no clue about this product but they promised someone would call me in 3 business days...I'm still waiting!

    It's a real shame as the working one is great but thisoneishopeless.


  • adamrusselladamrussell

    The sculpt was supposed to be out in august, and here it is october and as far as I can tell it still is not available in any store - except by order. Is there a reason why I cant get a hands on look at it?

  • Andrew JonesAndrew Jones

    Does anyone know what the PID for a UK version of this keyboard is? I'm caught in an endless loop with Microsoft Direct Services Team trying to get the faulty keyboard replaced. They will not replace the keyboard until I give them the PID number printed on a white sticker on the back of the keyboard. There is no white sticker on the back of the keyboard and the numbers inside the battery compartment are apparently not PID numbers. I've sent them several photos but they still don't believe me. Help! Please.

  • stephen willestephen wille


    I love the Sculpt Ergonomic layout, but it's not a top shelf product. Hopefully they'll make a Bluetooth or cabled version to help with the lag, which is killing me.

  • Andrew JonesAndrew Jones

    It's becoming crazy. Roger Alanya at the Microsoft Direct Services Team now tell me I cannot have a replacement because "...the product requested is obsolete". WHAT? It was only launched a few weeks ago?!?! Where do I find someone in Microsoft who knows that's going on and can sort this out for me?


  • Andrew JonesAndrew Jones

    I'm glad to report that the keyboard has been replaced and the new one works fine.

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