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One of my favorite features of Windows 7 is the home networking system called Homegroup. Using Homegroup you can easily connect your computers, sharing files and printers. Join me while I talk to the Windows team's Jerry Koh and Steve Seixeiro as they walk us through using Homegroup.



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    In our home, this will greatly simply our digital life.  As much as I try to encourage my wife & children to save photos, etc to our Windows Home Server (WHS) there is a tendancy for documents to be saved to the PC first.  With Windows 7, it seems like it is much more intuitive to change the default save location for each of your media types.  And with Homegroup, each computer can easily see the shared library on WHS.  It will be interesting to see how Homegroup handles browsing large media libraries.

    Question:  Will Homegroup allow playback of DRM'd content such a protected Media Center TV recordings that are stored on another Homegroup PC?  Basically, I want the option to playback any TV recording from my laptop while someone else is using our dedicated Media Center PC.  Currently pre-Windows 7, that was not possible.

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    Lord Zimbu

    Hmm Sad for some reason performance for Win7 MCE and Xbox 360 is VERY slow and has been throughout the beta. It's weird because it works fine with Vista MCE.

    -- LOL, ah, it's so slow because it's still sorting through all the shares for files (4 days later)

    Also.. it doesn't seem to like Sharing, completely arbritrarily, folders with ripped Bluray data.. hmm. (some of them anyway)

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