A Look at Lenovo's 2010 Lineup

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    is this mean you have many upcoming review cover of different booth in ces 2010 thats is really great at first i thought it was just microsoft booth

    but now with this video its mean that there is upcoming more for different booths


    i cant wait for that

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    This has got me thinking.

    When companies design computers that are meant to be seen like some of those all in one devices it amazes me how they never seem to understand that the best way to advertise them is through product placement. Let's see if Lenovo figures this out.

    HP has finally figured out that adding a glowing logo to the back of their laptops and making sure Martha Stewart and other TV personalities use them on the air is very useful. Once in a while I see the big VAIO logo on stuff in a very obvious way that looks like deliberate product placement. How many DJs and musicians have you seen on a dark stage with the glowing apple pointing straight out at the audience? That's some of the best advertising you can have.


    Leonard and Sheldon on Big Bang Theory got their laptops stolen on the last episode. They had those big glowing XPS logos on them so people saw them in EVERY episode but now they replaced them with generic no-name machines (running Win7 as Sheldon pointed out at the end of the show) so WHY wouldn't Dell or HP for example jump in and pay to get their products on the show?



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    @ Dentaku - I totally agree with you.

    @athman - Sorry, we were really busy at the MSFT booth this year so we didn't get out as much as we would have liked.

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