A Look at VPlay on Microsoft Surface

Play A Look at VPlay on Microsoft Surface

The Discussion

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    the video does match the description, and the preview shot. the video that plays is about VPlay. Smiley


    you guys are awesome

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    You posted one of your older videos, which does not match description. The video that shows is from here



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    You guys are crazy. It's fine! Wink Wink




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    That's the best Surface app I've seen yet. It's like working in Ableton Live session view but for video and sticking in effects and routing stuff in different ways.


    I'm wondering if Ableton Live works well with a Surface? What kind of audio interface does a Surface come with?

    I doubt anyone could do any serious audio work with the horrible latency you get from the onboard sound from the motherboard.

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    It just ocurred to me.  This is the UX I was thinking about for Windows Sound in a c9 thread with Larry (the sound man) about an issue I had recording a ring-tone from youtube and trying to figure out how to do it.  Hooking up sound and/or video assets visually this way would be easy and fun.  I guess the current UX could remain same, but *add a Windows app like this (ala a WordPad for sound and video) to help configure and DJ things.  The pipelining thing is a feature that needs this kind of visualization.  Attach a "recording" circle to record.  Drag and drop the Recorded circle to a DVD/CD icon (or YouTube or Zune icon) in the corner to save to devices.   

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