Vista Keyboard Shortcuts

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I'd play keyboard shortcut Jeopordy with anybody. As a long time shortcut user, I can get by without a mouse - dropdowns, checkboxes, tabs  - no problem. Of course, I got to this point by working on computers with problems (and usually no working mouse).

Then Channel 8's Max Zuckerman came into my office and minimized everything to desktop simply by laying hands on my keyboard. Turns out what Max was doing was hitting Windows+3 on my keyboard, which launches the third item in your Quick Launch bar (just to the right of the start button), in this case - Show Desktop.

I realized I have shortcuts to learn yet, and set out to find all of them. There are two sites you should spend time with if you want to be a shortcut power user. The first is this shortcut list at, the second is this Windows Help site. Knowing these can save you a lot of time in the course of a day, especially if you're out of batteries with your cordless mouse.

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