Apophysis - Freeware Fractal Editor for Windows

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Back in the day, I was a huge fan of Kai Krause. In the squared arena of 90's interfaces, Kai showed us that round corners and shaded depth in interfaces just felt good, and the world followed. The fact that Kai bought a 1000 year-old castle, filled it with developers and then promptly disappeared made him the Willy Wonka of our time.

What got me thinking of Kai, who is a fractals genius, is a new freeware fractal editor called Apophysis. I've been playing with Apophysis for a week now and it's a fun little app. You can get started by downloading it here. Getting your first fractal is as easy as hitting F9. For more complicated designs, you can see the Apophysis wiki here and check out some tutorials here.

And if you run into Kai, tell him to drop us a note sometime.


Design, fractals

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