Breakfast as a 3D scanner

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Qualifying as a "why didn't I think of that" project, Milkscanner uses some legos, a webcam, and a bowl of milk to scan a physical object. As the milk rises, it defines the edges of the object which is captured 'slice by slice'. Sure, there are some limitations; hidden features won't pick up (a pyramid will work, an inverted pyramid not so much), buoyancy is your biggest enemy, and of course there's the issue of having your favorite objects lying in a bath of tepid animal lactate. Still, what a good idea.

Milkscanner is part of Moviesandbox, which is a graphical scripting tool that assists in the creation of Machinima using the Unreal Engine. The toolkit to do this can be found here, a video showing the process can be found here, and tutorials are here.

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