Brian Peek's PDC Laptop Leak Fix

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Brian Peek picked up a PDC Laptop on eBay and found that the latest accelerometer driver (v1.00.00.16) wasn't correctly closing handles, resulting in his machine having 5 million handles open. So he did what any self-respecting Niner would do, he disassembled the code and created a fix. If you happen to have a PDC Laptop, you can download the application and the source code here. Additionally, you can find more details and code samples on Brian's blog. Keep in mind the suggested way to obtain drivers is through Windows Update, so your mileage may vary, caveat emptor, etc.

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    Mmmm Tablet. Impressive that a fix was made. When smart geeks get hold of a device and embrace it, good things happen. The G1 phone for instance, lots of custom roms ...etc.


    Send me one, put me in a trial. Make me give you feedback.

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