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KNFB Reader CEO Ray Kurzweil joined me to talk about the state of e-reading and show us a demo of Blio. Blio is a WPF reading application and bookstore that reads XPS files. They've taken it a step beyond by creating a reader that can match a book to spoken text, play embedded video, or load web content. I can imagine students with something like the multitouch Pegatron slate reading rich media textbooks that update throughout the year. Ray mentions using the cloud to allow you to go from device to device and pick up where you left off and gives us his vision of the next 20 years.



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The Discussion

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    This is most likely the finest XPS reader that I have seen.  Ray wouldn't put his energy behind a company unless it was producing a best-in-class product.  There has to be something said about the work of compulsive people.  I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on those bits.

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    Thanks for sharing with us.

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    finally some love for XPS.  Wonder what pros-cons they used to decide on xps -vs- pdf.

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    I see the claim of 1 million books.

    that is interesting.


    so far i have seen a lot of books only done in one format that the publisher supports.

    I really hope that what Blio is doing will open up the idea that the book publishers need to offer /or/ allow books to be in many electronic formats and let the buyer decide which format they want.

    untill they do that will limit consumer acceptance of this media option.

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    Kurzweil is one of my personal 'geek hero'. Thanks for the video

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    thank ver

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    Finally a fine use of the XPS format. I wonder which kind of tools will be available to publishers to make the content (particularly interactive ones).

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    Boy, was I wrong about this.  Total vaporware.






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