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Inside the Microsoft booth at CES is a row of computers that we call Muscle Beach. These are some of the latest PCs from partners that will be coming out over the next year. I'm really impressed this year with some of the forward thinking features hardware companies are coming out with, like the dual monitor netbook shown here. My favorite had to be the Pegatron slate though. This device shown in the keynote has an 11.6" screen with an Atom processor, 1GB RAM and 32GB HDD. It's so light and portable, it would be perfect to carry around the house for reading and remoting into the other PC's around my house via Mesh. With so many different types of devices, there's something for everyone.



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    those slates are hot..

    i liked the pegatron too but also the smaller, more phone sized ones.. i wonder if they support 3g sim cards right in the device, then they'd actually be phones (using skype)

    here in sweden its getting more and more common for tele companies to sell what they call "mobile internet" thats basically just an usb dongle with a sim card in it.. that would be great with a slate or even better, just putting the sim card in

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