CES 2010: Talking with Robbie Bach

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    you know, buxton says it best..

    what is "natrual" is very very context dependent.. for the exsisting players, you know the billions of people who drive those halo sales that where bragged about in the ces keynote. for them the controller IS natrual..

    why microsoft keeps downplaying the potential of using controllers together with natal i dont understand. turning your back on exsisting players for some quick cash would be the biggest mistake microsoft could make. hopefully they realize that


    lots of people still think natal is just a eye toy /wii fit ripoff and microsoft is doing very very little to proving them wrong..

    i really hope ms marketing does not mess up the great potential natal has..

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    Now, there are brilliant minds in this virtual world, which is the new art... Robbie Bach = Johan Sebastian Bach

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