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    very cool

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    finally i got to ask abt this feature


    ok when he use to play video in the LG screen using play to feature in windows media player 12


    this is my question


    1-that screen was it tv screen (you know cable tv and so on ) or it was computer screen (which u use that blue cable to connect it to the pc or laptop)


    2- how did he make the connection to the pc was it by wireless or there is some special way to do it or what exactly


    cause i can connect to my tv (not computer tv but regular tv ) using window+p to switch to extend mode then i can open any video with media player than move it to the tv screen so i  think this difference than the play to feature


    i hope u answer me cause i am still confused from the day i watch it in luancing windows 7 celebration




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    They are connected with a network cable.

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    A lot of people have asked me how to make their Western Digital WD TV Live work with Windows 7 Play To like I showed in this video.


    In my demo, I was using pre-release firmware to enable pushing content from a Windows 7 PC to the WDTV Live (using the "Play To" feature of Windows 7). I know many of you want to do this as well, so I contacted Western Digital on the firmware release date and received the following update:


    "We are working with Microsoft on providing a WD TV Live product update which provides compatibility with Windows 7 scenarios. Although I cannot comment on the exact date, it will be made available sometime in the near future."


    I know we are providing them all possible resources to help them complete this work. In the mean time, WDTV Live works quite well with Windows 7 as a client device that pulls content from a Windows 7 PC using the local user interface of the WD TV.  In fact, I use it this way at home, but am really looking forward to the addition of Play To support.


    Gary Schare

    Windows Hardware Ecosystem Team


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