Cool IE8 Tip: Answer Suggestions

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    Can you tell us why its US only? Is there some technical reason why this can't be available to the other 200+ coutnries in the world or is it political? Or is ti ebcause someone simply couldn't be bothered doing their job properly.

    This incessant dismissal of the rest of the world by the Live Search team stinks!


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    John Ellis

    It's a Microsoft wide thing at times, I am waiting for Zunes in the UK, and Canada doesn't even get the marketplace despite the having the device.... it makes no sense.

    MS really needs to pay more attention to the rest of the world.

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    Thanks for your feedback, and I have passed it along to other teams. As for this feature (Answer Suggestions), they are working on enabling it for other english markets and will consider expanding again after that push.

    As for other Microsoft products, it's a different for each and I'll follow up and try to spread transparency back to you folks.

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