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In this week’s episode, we hear from Charlie Kindel, who has worked at Microsoft for over 20 years on projects like the Windows SDK and DDK, COM, ActiveX, IIS, the original Active Server Pages, Windows Media Center, Windows Home Server, and now Windows Phone 7 Series. Hear about Charlie’s upcoming session at MIX10, his perspective on multi-screen applications that are connected via the web, how his daughter, Christine, inspired a focus on end-user experience, and how you can get a “Do Epic ____” sticker by following him on Twitter @ckindel.



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The Discussion

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    I don't think of MIX as just a Web conference - I think of it as a dev and user experience confrence, but if you're wondering why people think it's a Web conference, try turning around: you're standing in front of the slogan 'the next Web now'!

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    So, Charlie, as someone who was on both the Home Server Team (I'm pretty sure you were on the team while I was interning at Microsoft), and the Windows Phone Team. Will I be able to sync the Photos / Videos / etc Wirelessly with my Home Server?


    I know the answer is probably no right now, but I thought it was an interesting thought-experiment.

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    Viktor Larsson

    I like the example with the daughter. Easy to relate to. Looking much forward to MIX. Would be nice to be able to go. Sweden is WAY too cold now anyway.

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    I am interested in how compatable .net programs are going to be with WP 7.

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    @4thregionref:not compatibile. You have to redevelop them.
    WP 7 is taking controll by not allowing you to do what normal applications do. Think of Adobe Flash: That's all that WP7 apps can do. They can't break your computer, but also can't really do much else either. Safe.

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