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On October 28 and 29, Microsoft will open our doors and welcome you to our home for the next Professional Developers Conference to be held at MSFT HQ in Redmond, WA.  PDC10 is a 2 day event where you’ll hear from Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer and others about the latest innovations on the developer platform, and be given an advance preview of what’s to come.  @anyware and @ritzy will host a regular 10 minute program sharing insights and little known facts about what goes into the planning of a conference like PDC, and hopefully answer your questions about the design and strategy that brings an event to life.  PDC10 registration is open, and for only $1,000 you can be one of the lucky few to experience our first ever Microsoft campus hosted event.  Sign up today!



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    Great show Mike and Jennifer!  I am registed and will be attending PDC10.  I would like to know will there be a bus service to bring the attendees from hotels to MS campus? or I will need to rent a car and drive to MS campus?  Will the session and other information about PDC will be publish soon?



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    Free WP7 phone for attendees this year, surely? Wink

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    That would be so awsome if attendees all get Free WP7 phone...  I hope the planning committee is listening....Wink

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    I love how you guys cut yourselves off mid sentence, makes me laugh each time.  I really hope I get to go this year, I have so many questions and I'd love to ask the engineers responsible to understand the answers deeply.


    I wonder if WP7 will be launched at PDC, it would be fitting and awesome to be there when this next generation mobile platform gets into the hands of customers.  Not to mention coming back from PDC and retire my iPhone!

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    Fun vid - love to hear you will be making history. Will be there with other Xceed colleagues, see you then.

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    Hi there,


    We won't have shuttles, so plan on renting a car or using the metro bus system which is very good and comes right to campus.


    See you in October!

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    So what are the times for the Friday portion of the conference? Does it go until night or does it let out in the evening? This is certainly VERY helpful in making travel/hotel arrangements.

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    The high-level agenda is now posted on the PDC website.  This should help as you make your travel arrangements.

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