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Countdown to PDC09: 10 Minutes Gets You the Goods

9 minutes, 27 seconds


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Each week between now and the PDC, we’ll be sharing with you a 10 minute video update on the PDC.  From an insider’s perspective, Mike Swanson and Jennifer Ritzinger from the PDC crew will share with you what’s new in the planning process, and will feature interviews with speakers and team members working on the conference.  In the inaugural Countdown episode for PDC09, we cover what the PDC is about, who goes, keynotes, pricing, and a whole lot more until the timer rings telling us we are out of time.  But stay tuned, we’ll be back next week!


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  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    pdc rules!

    personally im hoping for some (lots) of project natal sessions.. how do you program it? whats the api? also some info on the tech it self would be super awsome.. and demos.. Smiley silverlight or.net even for xbox/zune would also be great to have some sessions on.


    but no keynode from the Gu? say it aint so... the Gu must keynote i say Smiley i'd also love to see some sessions with him, i know his busy but he's such a good speaker. Erik and Anders also have to have sessions Smiley  A session on Rx with erik would be unmissable.


    btw, since you both tweet, (Ritzy/Anyware if you're not following them) will you listen to feedback there as well?

  • Last year I heard that PDC09 whould be filled with WindowsMobile "7" (and CE 7) sessions/workshops/keynotes, is it sill going to be the case ?

  • I want to hear more about that top secret project Paul from Ping is working on, perhaps you're bringing WinFS back?

  • How long until we start to see anything about what the content will be at PDC09?


    We're doing pretty serious levels of desktop WPF development, but we're (generally speaking) not interested in Azure, mobile or the web (our software connects directly to some pretty serious hardware). I appreciate that that makes us an edge case, but I'll need at least a general idea of whether there'll be any relevant content to make my case to management for a plane ticket from the UK!


    We'd be interested in anything to do with desktop WPF, parallel programming (sonds like there'll be plenty of that) and general desktop .Net. The Rx framework looks awesome Smiley, BTW.

  • Finally! It is PDC09 time!!!  Can't wait to see what content will be included in this year's conference.


    I am very interested in the new SharePoint 2010.  I know there is a SharePoint Conference in Oct.  But I will attend PDC instead because I am a developer and there is more veriety of contents at PDC.  But I still hope I will get alot of new information on SharePoint 2010!!!

  • The PDC09 conference site launched with 30 published sessions.  You can view them here: http://microsoftpdc.com/Sessions .



  • So far there are 2 SharePoint sessions published: http://microsoftpdc.com/Sessions#/tags/SharePoint


    Looking forward to seeing you at PDC09!



  • HarlequinHarlequin http:/​/​twitter.​com/True​Harlequin

    Probably have to pay my own way this year...so I'm hoping there's a bag this year Smiley


    This PDC 2005 bag won't last forever...


    Edit: Are there no PDC prices yet? The registration seems to be a contact form where someone will get back to you. Not really what I wasnt to do, I want to see $$$$.


    Edit 2: Found it, http://microsoftpdc.com/Registration. Guess I didn't take the right happy-path Smiley

  • Have to wonder about this PDC, it looks a bit Tech Ed -ish. My understanding was that the PDC was always about the future, given that Channel 9 has already provided brilliant coverage of .NET 4 / VS2KA and a lot of concurrency stuff there doesn't seem to be too much First Time Shown technology here.

  • I just realized I can't go.  TechDays is happening in parallel here in Calgary, sad for me.  I'll watch the presentations online like usual Smiley

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    Well, not all sessions have been announced... Wink


  • Sasha K.Trancecoder better known as Arktronic

    It would be awesome if this year's PDC had a mobile focus. I'd be in heaven! Smiley

  • Ashith RajAshith Raj Wanna be a DotNet Geek

    Looking for SharePoint 2010, Office 2010, Azure pricing  and free offerings for developers, ZuneHD applications, Release of VS2010 and Parallel programming.

  • Yes, Ritzy and I both tweet. But realize that we also talk about a lot of non-Microsoft stuff. So you might have to endure. Smiley


    If you want pure, unadulterated PDC goodness, make sure you follow @pdc09 and track the #pdc09 hash tag.


    More tips here: http://blogs.msdn.com/mswanson/archive/2009/06/19/pdc09.aspx

  • Hi Amy!


    Thanks for forwarding the SharePoint sessions information!  I should be attending PDC 2009 when funding got approved.  Will definately drop by and say hi when I am there!

  • CKurtCKurt while( ( !​succeed=try​() ) ) { }

    I love the ending with the logo!

    Also, I think the theme about PDC09 will be "Windows Everywhere" or "Syncronize live" revolving arround Live Mesh.

  • Wow! It is time for PDC again! Boy, time flies when you are having fun (with Win 7 RC Wink). Looking forward to the slew of multi-touch netbooks that will be coming out with its official release. Maybe there will be more info on WinMo 7 as well. [gleefully rubbing hands together.]

  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    ive actually been following you both for quite some time so thats alright, ritzy should tweet more though Wink

    i didnt know the hashtag was official, gonna start tracking that then Smiley will you do the live twitter interview this year as well? that was really cool Smiley but could you please try and have localized times for stuff like that? makes it easier for us that wont be able to attend.


    nice to see the page online, it wasnt when this was first posted. initial sessions looks good to, esp the win7 kernel one and the paralellism one.. im still hoping for project natal sessions and a GPGPU-in-.net session or 2 Wink the DX compute shader one will be interesting too

  • good...

  • Hi Tom,


    I'm the PDC09 Content Owner, and your comments point out an interesting challenge we face with PDC sessions particularly this year.  Before providing more details, I want to assure you that the focus of PDC definitely has not changed and many sessions are structured to complement and extend what you can learn at a conference like TechEd.  If you attend PDC09, you will hear about the future of the Microsoft platform and you will see and hear about a lot of new products, services and technologies for the first time. 


    We definitely are looking for ways we can improve how we let people know what will be presented at PDC as well as better ways to make clear the session distinctions with conferences like TechEd.  Let us know if you (or anyone else on Channel 9) have any suggestions for improving the sessions or how we disclose them. 


    Before responding to your comments, I want to provide a little context.  Given that we only published a few initial sessions, it’s difficult to get across the depth, breadth and uniqueness of the PDC sessions.  Another challenge is we only have a short title and a couple of sentences in the abstract to describe a session.  Given the few words we have to work with, it’s difficult to get across the full scope of a session and how it differs from similar sessions at conferences like TechEd.  Also, in many cases we are not allowed to disclose the new information that will be covered in a session until it is publically announced (often during PDC Keynotes). 


    Now I’ll address some of your specific comments and see if I can change your opinion a little.  In some ways, this PDC is a little less “future” than in the past.  This is because we will be releasing a lot of major products and services around the PDC timeframe.  At TechEd, you will learn about the release versions of these new products and how to best use our current platform in your business.  These new products and services also will have a lot of great new features added in the next year or so.  At PDC, we will tell you (in most cases for the first time) what you need to start planning for over the next 18 months to get the most out of all the new products and services we are releasing.  Because of all the major releases happening around PDC, you will be hearing a little more this year about what will happen over the next eighteen months in addition to our longer-term plans.  However, as in the past the PDC sessions this year will still largely be future focused with lots of new information not available at any other conference.


    You mention .NET 4 and VS, and there will be sessions covering these products at PDC.  As mentioned above, most of these sessions are being selected to complement and extend what you will hear at TechEd, and the focus for these sessions at PDC will be the new features that will be released over the next couple of years.  You also mention concurrency sessions, and we included two when we launched the site this week.  At PDC08 last year, we disclosed some of our tooling plans for concurrent programming.  At PDC09 this year, we talk in much more detail about our new tools for concurrent programming as well as talk about future plans for the “new technologies” we are releasing at PDC.  Some of this will be covered in the manycore session we just published.  The other concurrency session is part of our new Technical Leaders series.  In this session, you will get to hear Burton Smith, a Microsoft Technical Fellow and recognized worldwide expert in Concurrency) talk about where he sees the future of parallel computing and associated tooling moving and how he sees it affecting developers and businesses.  It should be a fascinating session that fits perfectly in PDC.


    Sorry for the long response.  Like I said above, I hope this helps change your opinion a little.


    Michael Suesserman

    PDC09 Content Owner


  • I'm so glad there's so many videos featuring Jennifer here on Channel Nine.  She really is a breath of fresh air to the developer world.  What a cute, smart, funny woman ... I'm hoping to make it to this year's PDC just so I can try to meet her.

  • I'm so glad there's so many videos featuring Jennifer here on Channel Nine.  She really is a breath of fresh air to the developer world.  What a cute, smart, funny woman ... I'm hoping to make it to this year's PDC just so I can try to meet her.

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