Countdown to PDC09: Da Cloud! Da Cloud!

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The Discussion

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    You're wearing microphones that actually work and whoever did the soundwork on this video actually knew what they were doing for a change (or read up on how to do it properly since the last video Smiley ). Congrats, I can finally hear you!


    On a negative note, it's not nice to cut the guy off mid sentence, I mean going a few seconds over the buzzer with some closing words is OK - you guys don't have to take the time limit THAT literaly. So, some more constructive (I hope) criticism for you...

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    The timer is a wonderful plot device, and it adds a bit of drama to the conversation. The fact that viewers are passionate about it at all (not always in a good way) tells me that it's working. If we were just a 10-minute show without the annoying buzzer, what fun would that be? Smiley

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    Speaking of the cloud and PDC: what's this I hear about Mesh being a total no-show this year?

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    To recap:


    The answer is a name of an old book.


    I've opened the images in a text-processor and went to look for a patern arround the #-symbol but didn't really get any further. Anybody any ideas? I love breaking my head on this sort of stuff although I haven't really solved any Tongue Out

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    Tokter extracted the stenographised image of jelly beans in the original HHC post. I had no idea the code to do so would be so light. (I've never done any graphical stuff with .net) I pretty much expected to see a bunch of beans once the orignal image went through that process. I'm not sure where to go from there. Tag with the jellybeans?


    I'm pretty sure there are rows of important beans layed out with the bars in the "background" but i can't make much sense of them. Notice how the pick and blue beans don't cross the bars... Looks like there are other colors that stand out too. Black seems to work... I'm probably chasing my tail.

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