Countdown to PDC09: Developers Go 3D!

Play Countdown to PDC09: Developers Go 3D!

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    If you need a pair of glasses, you can get them at Blockbuster, or you can send me a postcard, Hallmark card, or nice letter and I'll send a pair to you for free. 

    3D on C9

    Att: LarryLa / B24

    One Microsoft Way

    Redmond, WA 98055


    I'll also do a short video this week that shows how we shot this (using a pair of Flip UltraHD cameras). Watch for that soon. 



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    Wait a minute. 3D has arrived on Channel 9!

    Very cool, Larry. People will soon understand why we call you Lightbulb.



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    Hey Larry, do you also ship to Europe? I could need a pair of colored glasses.

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    Can't wait for the post on HowTo


    PS: Make sure to get the Red & Blue not Red & Green glasses at BB that say Coraline on them, they are not the right ones. Call ahead.

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    Still no sessions on Windows Installer or Wix. Based on the video I saw today from Melur Raghuraman, a session about the Windows Troubleshooting Platform would be very interesting.

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    Anything for a niner. I'll send two, watch with a friend.  Cool

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    Cool idea with the 3D - just don't make it a tradition because my eyes hurt after 10 minutes of watching video in 3D glasses Wink

    No hard-hat challenge… buu… I was waiting for some intellectual fun!

    And a very nice ending I must say Big Smile perfect timing!

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    Cool Episode  Cool

    It looked like Jennifer was having fun.

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    No external hard drive this year?

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    Why was it a small window inside a huge black border?

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    Are they serious? The whole video in "3D"? I never post on forums but I had to sign up just to post how terrible this video is. Yes, I get it, it's in "3D". But, gosh darn it, I left my 3D glasses back in 1985. Doing it for the first minute or so would have been funny, but the whole time? I see someone posted that his eyes hurt after 10 minutes WITH 3D glasses on. My eyes hurt after 10 seconds; and then when she did that kick??!?!!? I had to close the video.

    No, I'm not a troll or a flamer or whatever the popular term is now. I just can't believe that someone promoting a "professional" conference would do something like this. I watched the last video and it was ok, although I am a little confused as to why they are video and not just audio.

    Ok, I'm going to give it another shot...
    00:12 Man, that kick gets funnier every time..."Whaoooo!"
    00:20 "6D"...WTF? (crickets)
    00:35 My eyes hurt already...make it stop, make it stop!
    01:13 Stop jumping into the camera please.
    01:55 Why can't you stand still? Too much coffee today?
    02:11 O!!! A second kick!!! Watching this far was worth it.
    02:15 Yes! Sword action after the kick! This just gets better and better! (pukes in trash can)
    03:20 Font? Thank you SO much for telling me about the PDC font...zzz...
    04:30 Maybe that 3D sword will come out of the screen, slit my wrists, and put me out of my misery.
    05:11 "Never do this again"... I don't even know what to say, even he knows its bad
    06:40 It doesn't look as cool as you think...please stop
    06:49 A THIRD KICK! A THIRD KICK! A THIRD KICK! Everything is better in 3s!  Smiley
    07:45 Just zoom in and only show the guy, or better yet, turn the camera around completely
    08:33 Ok, even you have to know it's getting old by now
    09:00 O, have you been talking about something serious? Am I suppose to be getting something from this bad
    09:52 "Can I just say one thing..." (buzz) THERE IS JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD!

    Wow, now I REALLY want to go to PDC. Please take the camera away from these people.

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    ooo coll

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    Thanks for your passionate feedback, juicerp! There's nothing we love more than someone who believes in what they're saying. I'm surprised you actually stuck around to watch the whole thing. Smiley


    For what it's worth, the audio-only versions are also available for download just below the video thumbnail.


    Keep the feedback coming!

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    Great, i'll also send two cards, then!

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    You have to cut off the sides that each eye doesn't have data for. That screws up the size of the video, so I put it on the next larger standard output size. I also used the software's pixel blur around the edge, it's a (Jedi) mind trick that makes it less jarring when things go out of frame.

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    I will definitely need a pair of those 3D glasses - I like this! Smiley


    Will send a letter ASAP.

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    No external hard drive this year?

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    sorry for writing too late



    but i get this 3d glassess and i came here to watch the episode but it didnt show me 3d why is that


    by the way i have the black one not the red green glassess

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    @Larry: Sorry to awake this old thread, but I'd like to thank you for the glasses.


    They just arrived this morning - seriously. It seems like the shipping (to Switzerland) took almost seven months... I believed either my postcard or the glasses had been lost on the way.


    Anyway, glad to have the glasses. And thank you for the c9 mascots, the look great on my desk. Cheers!

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