Countdown to PDC10: And the winner is . . .

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Damn, that PDC timer!  Tell @anyware to put a full 10 minutes on the hamburglar this week so we can tell you who won!  Smiley



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The Discussion

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    Why don't you just say how many people can fit in the keynote room.

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    The suspense is killing me  Perplexed 


    When is the next show? It says "this week" but this week is over. Maybe later today or next week?

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    Phil Hudson

    Very funny...if only 14 seconds more.

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    Patience, young grasshopper.  We'll post the winner on Monday, August 30.  Big Smile

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    This will be a long weekend of waiting... Wink

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    I am glad there is a winner but I hope it was announced at the end of the show...  I hope the count down show put more focus on sessions (still not publish yet) - more on what attendees should preare and expect.  Niners like me can always watch technical video onlines here but attending PDC gave up the opportunity to network directly to the MS people directly and see the technologies close up; that is what I found most valuable by attending in person.


    I have been in past PDCs in LA and yes, they are huge! I hope there will be enough content within the 2 short days and (I wish) to be given a special swag which is eyes of envy to others geeks, that PDC attendees will treasure.


    Looking forward for my PDC trip in October!

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    Love the ending!


    I'm not too disappointed that I won't have to wear the costume again Wink

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