Countdown to TechEd Europe: Meet our Content Czar and Win a Free Pass!

Play Countdown to TechEd Europe: Meet our Content Czar and Win a Free Pass!

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    This is my only message... I come from the future... I have attended the TechEd Europe 2010... And the problem I am facing now is , because of I don`t know what reasons , me in the past doesn`t have enought money to attend , so you have to give him this freepass .... Else I don`t know what repercussions will this have on the time continuum space .... If he doesn`t attend, it could be the end of the world as we know it...
    I am limited in this web-time-machine ... so this is the only message i can send ... and i can attach only one photo to prove my statement.
    Here it is ( me at the TechEd Europe 2010 ):

    Me at TechEd Europe 2010

    You can contact me in the past at:

    P.S. Many will say , but ok you come from the future ... then why don`t you tell your past-you the numbers that will be chosen at the lottery so he would have money to attend .... I tried that many times , but the problem is that I never win ... hmm maybe why that happened ?  Smiley

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    Why I'm mad as hell?
    Answer to riddle ->


    Divine -

    Deep -

    Stupid -

    Dangerous -

    Sad -


    Tip: Strip the 1337 and CTRL+h the Xs


    TechEd can embrace all this and help me.


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    Attending a MS congress was always a big thing for me as a developer. Learning something new is exciting and usually it is helping to improve things in my sourrounding a bit with the new knowledge. Strange is that the topics I've followed on such a conference were nearly non existing in my professional work as a dev - but somehow become very important shortly after the conference was done.

    Getting inspired for new things is the most important reason for me to attend. Meeting others, speaking with guys directly from MS is another big issue Smiley

    The biggest thing for me is currently Windows Phone 7. I am really excited about that as I was not about any technology for a long time. Preparing some apps for launch right now. Unfortunaltely the devices in Germany are really really sparse.

    As it seems my company will not pay for this time attendance - I was already on one conference this year (not from Microsoft) so the money was (ill) spent.

    Hope I could get there somehow nevertheless - maybe MS could ´help here Smiley As I live in Berlin, it would be a real miss if I would skip this year...


    Have fun,



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    David Nudelman

    I moved continents twice on the last 14 months. I missed MVP Open day, TTT , Tech Days Canada (as a confirmed speaker..) now I am in London and I simply can't miss the TechEd 2010.


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    I am not in the past, nor in the future (although that is a cool idea). I am in the present and I really would like to attend to Teched 2010 in Barcelona.  I am an overworked enterprise developer and I really need a break from all this stuff I am doing right now Smiley))))


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    As a freelancer, you have a small budget for conferences .... Travel, Accommodation and not least a week time.


    On the other hand there you learn so much what you need for work.


    If I win a free ticket, I would watch me all the information on Azure, MS Storage Server and  the System Center Products.


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    I used to work for a typewriter company as a software tester. The company had business offices in Germany. Once per year an engineer would go to something there in Germany. Without fail, someone would slip the Americans a "Mickey" (spiked drink) and they would wind up with no clothes on, running through the hotel lobby like Will Ferrel. Ever since I heard of this, I have wanted to attend a conference there. So I hope you will consider sending me the free pass. Angel

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    With Microsoft serving a daily delight,  hope my brain chews up every 'byte’.

    Disc-tinctive variety and visual display, each TechNet second – I’ll enjoy data day. 

    Computing my passion, learning my goal, with TechEd and Microsoft, I'm in CTRL. 


    I've zillions of reasons - all of them Gr8, hey wonderful world let's COM-u-NIC8.

    RAM upgrade installed, BlueRay inserted, brain cells alerted = boredom deserted!

    “Microsoft” explained as clearly as poss, goodness me – such a long way from DOS!


    When lost in jargon and each step's a bungle, TechNet experts will guide me through the jungle

    No more tacky, cheap mistakes, I’ll CD difference an expert makes.

    I would love to give it bash, just hope my cells can take a new flash.

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