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Digital Lens is a project out of Microsoft's Israel Innovation Labs that allows designers and developers to get an idea of what their applications will look like to visually impaired users. This consideration might not be the first step in your testing (though it should be), but Federal sites, for example, must conform to Section 508 (1194.22), which dictates access for people with impaired vision.

I spoke with Oded Elyada, the developer of Digital Lens, by webcam this week who told me more about the project and how he came up with it.


Design, Usability



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The Discussion

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    Way to go Oded. Cool app.

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    Having worked for a color blind person many years ago, I know how difficult it can be and yet how easy it is to fix with just a little awareness.


    Too bad this works under Win7 only . . .

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    Hmmm . . . I am fast becoming "not a fan".


    I went home where I have Win7 and found that Digital Lens only operates on the 32 bit version of Win7 . . . every Win7 I've seen so far is 64 bits . . . great concept, but as near as I can tell it won't run on any system I have access to.



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