Export Facebook to Excel with FriendCSV

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If you're a Facebook fan, don't miss this page on TechCrunch. FriendCSV is a way to export the information from your friends list in Facebook to a comma-separated values file that can then be opened in Excel. Once you log into Facebook and fill in your email address, FriendCSV will scrape the data you've selected and mail it to you (keep in mind it violates the Facebook TOS if it is stored for more than 24 hours.) Available fields; uid, name, sex, birthday, about me, current location, hometown, profile link, picture link, high school, education, work, and affiliations.

Another interesting Facebook app mentioned in the comments, called Fonebook, will export your Facebook friends list to Contacts in Outlook 2003 or 2007. Then when you sync your phone to your computer, it also syncs your Facebook friends to your mobile phone.

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