Extending your laptop - Pt. II

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Earlier this week I wrote about a couple ExpressCards that can extend the horsepower on your laptop. But what if you don't have an ExpressCard slot? Or what if your new laptop has an ExpressCard slot but you still have a lot of money tied up in older PCMCIA cards from your previous laptop? What you may need is one of the adaptors from Duel Systems.

New cards, old slots
The DuelAdapter Cradle is a $50 device that converts the new ExpressCard modules to a PCMCIA compatible format. Keep in mind that PC Card (PCMCIA) transfer speeds rate at 33 MB/s, 66 MB/s, and 132 MB/s, depending on the devices used, so you probably wouldn't get good results using the external PCI-E video card through this PC Card adapter.

Old cards, new slots
The DuelAdapter ($120) is the reverse of the card above. It allows you to use your old PCMCIA cards in the newer ExpressCard slot on your laptop. Of course it won't actually fit in the slot, so you'll have the device hanging out of the side of your computer, but that's better than having to go out and replace your perfectly good cards.
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