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Ben Vanik invited me over to Live Labs to see a hobby project he took on in his spare time running Seadragon on a mobile phone. Seadragon is the juice behind Photosynth and DeepZoom (If you need a refresher course on Seadragon, head on over to TED.)

You can browse several collections- the Library of Congress maps from the TED demo, a two-billion by two-billion pixel map of the world -but you can also load custom content via a RSS feed. If you want to take the easy way out just upload your massive images to Photosynth or PhotoZoom. Seadragon Mobile isn't a Photosynth viewer, per se. It shows all the photos in a synth in flat tiled form, allowing you to zoom in and out effortlessly. So in this instance you use Photosynth like a container.

Now for the part that may make your head asplode; this release is coming out for the iPhone first.




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