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This morning we announced the latest Microsoft webcam, the Microsoft Lifecam Studio. This is our best webcam yet. First thing you will notice is a full 1080p HD sensor for an incredible picture. This updated Lifecam has a thread for tripod, ClearFrame and TrueColor provides a great picture in low light.  Daniel from the hardware group walks us through some of the other new features. The LifeCam Studio will be available at Best Buy in October retailing for $99.95.

For more on the Lifecams and how they are made, check out this video from the Cam Lab.





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The Discussion

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    Sweet  Wink

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    are similar picture quality improvements happening with surveillance cameras?   The 1080p and improved sound sensitivity would be great for IP cameras.  Would be awesome to have MSFT provide more programming and control capabilities in both web cams and ip cameras. Motion detection, sound analysis, ...

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    I agree. I've been looking for something like StreamPix5 as a way to capture multiple LifeCam Studios. The biggest challenge there would be capturing and compressing all the cameras in real time.


    There are lots of projects for motion detection and control capabilities for webcams. Since most laptops now have cameras, it's a big playing field for developers. I'd like to see more camera based apps.

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    so, did it support 1080p or what? all the demos seems to have been showing 720, and it seems extraordinarliy odd to not show 1080p calling and recording if that was supported Tongue Out

    also, what about frame rates and focus distance, the website for lifecame doesnt exactly provide much info about that Smiley

    it looks like a good bit of hardware though, i like the tripod threading, but without more technical info its a tough sale..

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    We were showing 720p in this video because we were focusing on the video chat features. Currently only 720p is supported for video chats but you can certainly record in 1080p.


    We're considering shooting an episode of Ping or TWoC9 so you can get an idea of what it looks like compared to a pro camera.

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    Pat Rose

    How can I record in 1080P What other methods or software will accomplish this.

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