Get Your Zombie On with COD:W@W

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I had the opportunity to play Call of Duty: World at War (PC version) from beginning to end. After the credits started rolling, I went upstairs to get a cold one and heard odd noises coming from my PC. When I got back to my PC, I had Nazi zombies biting at my head. Apparently there is a bonus game at the end of the game you can play with attacking zombies.

It's the typical nightmare: You're in a room with several doors boarded over and an increasing steady stream of slow moving zombies coming for you. You have to shoot, melee, and run to stay alive. As you build points for 'killing' the already-dead, you can buy more powerful weapons that appear on the walls, and you can kick a little coin toward putting pulled-off boards back over the doors and windows to help slow the zombie horde.

More info over at Geeks of Doom, including the news that this level can be played co-op with three friends. Also check out Laura's look at the launch party.

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