HP Home Server Code Cracked

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Remember the light show functionality of the HP MediaSmart Home Server? One of the themes is called Morse Code Credits. HomeServerHacks.com has decoded the message, it reads as follows:

"Maureen Webber, Dan Thero, Matt Haines, Jerry McCollom, Charles McJilton, Dave Hanes, Jason Goldman, Alex Kuretz, Bryce Wemple, Lee Linden, TSV, Eric Peterson, Phil Walker, Jim Long, John Agosta, Greg Lipinski, Fred Thomas, Paul Boerger, Tony Hernandez, Paul Cesario, Mike Schuett, Christie Ratliff, Drea Babcock, Nick Jennings, Kim Sipes, My Therapy Buddy, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, The Microsoft Windows Home Server Team, and you the patient one who has written all of this down... congratulations!"


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