HP WHS MediaSmart Hardware Update

The Discussion

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    I love my Windows Home Server based MediaSmart ex470.  It is great to see HP bump up the standard ram...it was sorely needed to have the best experience.  I'll be curious to see what if anything Microsoft announces at CES regarding WHS.  New partnerships? Maybe we'll get a preview of Power Pack 2.  My wish list for PP2 includes Live Mesh integration, Server backup/restore and more customization of web interface.  And for WHS 2010..we absolutely need file versioning, WebGuide (or variant of) and better Media Center integration.

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    We'll connect with the Home Server team while at CES and keep you informed. Smiley
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    It's just too bad that the SATA port on the back doesn't support SATA multipliers.  That’s a dealbreaker for me if HP doesn't promise to send out an update in the future. Sad

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