Halo 3 bodycount: 198,573,984 KIA

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With less than 12 hours since the launch of Halo 3 there are already nearly 200 million gamers killed in action. If you're stuck at work while all your friends are tearing it up in a Warthog, you can always keep track of the fun through Bungie Online. As I sit here at my desk and write this, there are 105,221 119,521 (lucky) people playing Halo 3 online, which makes me wonder how many of them have called in sick to work or skipped school. You can see a real-time world map of the people playing online, while the majority of people playing right now are on the East Coast, you can see there are also some Master Chiefs in places like Abu Dhabi and Shanghai (go to bed already!) At Bungie Online you can also look at screenshots, download video clips or maps to your Xbox,


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