Hardware for HD Editing

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I'm always looking for ways to speed up the video editing process, and here are a couple pieces of hardware that can help do the trick. The Matrox RT.X2 is a add-on board that will allow you to edit HD without waiting for it to render. It also has a breakout box with HD analog component input, just incase you were looking for a way to record your XBox 360 smack-downs in HD. It is fairly expensive at $1600, but if you're in the video editing business that will be made up in increased productivity in no-time.

The other gadget I like is the Focus Enhancements FS-4D disk recorder. This is a portable hard drive that piggy-backs on your tape-based camera. It allows you to record straight to a digital video file so you don't have to wait for your tapes to capture in real time. Nice retrofit for your favorite camera.

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