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When it comes to high tech specs, Darpa’s wetware-enhanced Luke Skywalker binoculars make up the bleeding edge, Tenebraex’s color night vision specs take the slot for leading edge, binoculars with integrated digital camera, well those are getting dull. So what’s cool in the middle?

That answer might be the 3D VuCAM from StereoVision Imaging. The VuCAM binoculars will let you zoom in on your subject and then snap twin 3.2 Megapixel images that can then be viewed on a glasses-free 3D monitor, traditional 3D displays, or with 3D (red/blue anaglyphic) glasses. Kind of cool, but at $1999, probably not ready for consumer prime-time.

Examples of some of the anaglyph photos can be seen here.


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