Hotmail: The Next Generation

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    Yes the New Hotmail is Super Cool !! It increase the efficiency to a new level ....  Its all convenint and efficient.

    But some are asking for this feature -

    Ability to save the chats in the mail box like it does in gmail. The chat histories at present are saved to local machine , I think.

    Will this feature be considered ?


    Thanks and Congrats to Windows Live Team for the Wave 4 .

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    In general, Wave 4 is a huge improvement.  Some other things I wish to see in the near future...

    • Upload and share short, <5 min, video clips from SkyDrive
    • Add-on for Media Center to access and view photos/videos from your SkyDrive as well as be informed/view new content that friends have shared with you.
    • Some way to let Live/SkyDrive leverage the capacity of Windows Home Server.  Yes WHS has its own remote experience, but I'd like to link WHS to I only have to inform friends/family about one entry point to my/our personal collections.  Perhaps make WHS look like a shared folder and when you click on it takes them to a specific WHS folder I linked to my Live ID.  Multiple family members, can expose different WHS folders with their Live ID. 
    • Enhancements to Live Spaces: assign domain to Live Space, allow/invite 3rd party editors, embed SkyDrive video clips in blog posts, options for hiding/repositioning Live header menu and more flexibility in blog menu/theming


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    Considering this report,

    and that GMail will be displaying contextual gadgets in their web service... I don't see why Hotmail's (Wave 4) ActiveView couldn't offer developers the same opportunity with "ActiveView" compatible gadgets running on Azure.

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    People want to stay in touch on their phones and on the go.

    The content of email is different.

    Get more done in your inbox

    Sweep away clutter.

    People send and receive more email than ever, but the types of email are changing.

    Shipping updates, social updates, photos, and videos.

    Get your mail, calendar, and contacts anywhere you go

    And there’s a whole lot more….


    So, the evolution goes like this: Yahoo mail, Gmail, Hotmail...

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    Looks like they have added a lot of new features!

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    Where is Nic's video Smiley ?

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