How to Photosynth a Car

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The North American International Auto Show started this week, and one of the things I'm sure we'd all like to see is incredible Photosynths of cars. But Photosynthing cars is one of the more difficult things to do. The lines and the details on the shape of the car that Photosynth would normally use for edge detection are often changed visually because of the gloss of the finish. Next time you're looking at a shiny car, notice how as you move around it the surface of the car almost morphs through colors and reflections.

The Photosynth team has put together a blog post to give you some tips on how best to shoot a car for a synth, inside and out. The quick answer is lots of photos and to focus around areas of detail like rims, grills, and decals if the car happens to have them. Full tips can be found here.

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