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    [I bring this up because the bottom of the video was occluded by the video-playback controls]


    One of my biggest complaints with IE9 is that the notification windows popup from the bottom of the page. Consequently, it takes me a long time to notice them as I type in an address at the top of the window, start reading at the top of the page, and often
    will have clicked on a link and moved on before reaching the bottom of the window.


    I'm not sure what the reasoning was behind this decision, but it seems silly that a feature designed to bring the user's attention to something would be implemented in such a way that it doesn't catch the user's attention!

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    TheBanjomatic agreed....

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    I would agree with TheBanjomatic. I don't mind it at the bottom, however ... just copy what Firefox and Chrome do and silently suppress popups, not links that has a target="_blank".  For example, I'm in, I clicked on a link from a tweet, it STOPPED me from going there.  What gives?

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    Now how about that?  This is some cool stuff for IE.  Now if we can get developers to allow for add ons, I could and would switch in a New York minute

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