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    Mr Crash

    oh please, having the option to enable/disable the 'search suggestion' should be obvious, every browser should have this.


    Show us something that isn't obvious, something that makes ie9 special and not just another piece of crap software from microsoft.

    How about portability ? Can you unzip (not install) ie9 to a usb device

    Will ie9 uninstaller actually remove everything ?

    Will the installer ask before changing the users settings ?

    How about performance on normal (old, family computer , etc) hardware ?

    What about security, plugins and ad blocking ?

    sigh, the list goes on and on.


    Come on, show us that you have listened to the feedback ( that shouldnt have been needed or required in the first place!  )



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    2 years after chrome did it.

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    @Mr Crash:your comment is stupid

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    @Mark: No it's not, crash got some good points.
    Mark It's your brain that is too stupid to understand the comment

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    Does it treat docx/xlsx files as Office files or zip files?
    Because I don't really care about anything else.

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