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We invited the Internet Explorer team to walk us through some of the new features and highlights of the Internet Explorer 9 Beta. You can find more preview videos here.

Jane Kim, Senior Program Manager for Internet Explorer, shows how people can pin sites they use often on their taskbar and access them quickly and easily. This presentation also shows how these sites look and feel like windows applications by using jump lists and thumbbar  tool bar buttons. Internet Explorer 9 Beta and information about other interesting features are available at



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The Discussion

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    For me, IE9's most exciting features are the ones that go the extra mile in integrating with the core OS/UI experience.  This is one of them.  I'm also intriqued by the taskbar icon overlays which I learned about on Paul Thurott's blog.  I hope you have a show that covers overlays/notifications in detail.


    Where do WebSlices appear in IE9?  And can they be pinned to the taskbar?  I like keeping tabs on Channel 9 via IE webslice.  It would be cool to be able to preview a webslice when you hover over a pinned Channel 9 taskbar icon.

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    There's info on how websites can provide support for this stuff here  (though I wouldn't be suprised if you guys do a video on it too).

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    Yep, I have the same problem if I move the task bar from the bottom of the screen.

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    Well, it is a beta. Have you entered a bug report?

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    I love this feature. Smiley

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    I posted this on Scott Hanselman's blog post here:


    The idea of pinning websites to taskbar is great, but I find it to be a mismatch that you can open the website from the taskbar and navigate away to some other website. It does not work like an app in the true sense. May be they should hide the address bar for pinned sites. I understand that they may not have done that for security reasons but hope they can figure it out.


    By hiding the address bar it will function more like a desktop app, any external links should open in a new window, if you open in the same window then the taskbar will continue to show the site icon (say twitter) but the user would have moved on to say Amazon which is confusing.


    What do you guys think.

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    It's awesome but noticed using the Pin feature on Win7 64-bit the pinned instances are running 32-bit. Not sure yet how this will translate for local IIS testing when IE is the default.

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    For some reason the jumplist and player controls stopped working for me. Can anyone verify if this is a problem on my end or if its a problem on jangos end?

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    IE9's most exciting features are the ones that go the extra mile in integrating with the core OS/UI experience.  This is one of them.

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