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We invited the Internet Explorer team to walk us through some of the new features and highlights of the Internet Explorer 9 Beta. You can find more preview videos here.

In this video, Jane Kim, Senior Program Manager for Internet Explorer, shows how people can easily drag tabs in Internet Explorer 9 and quickly snap them to the side using Windows Aero Snap just like any other window. Internet Explorer 9 Beta and information about other interesting features are available at



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The Discussion

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    Nice.  Would be nice if there where snap points between monitors on multimon systems without having to use <windows>+<left>

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    That's very nice.


    It's still too tedious though:


    - first drag and drop left tab

    - then drag and drop right tab


    Instead one could do this:


    - drag one tab over another, when somewhere over the other tab, an effect occurs that signals a split view action

    - drop the tab and the browser should auto-snap the two tabs to the left and right of the desktop - or even within the browser

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