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Kurt Brockett, Director of UX Evangelism at Identity Mine in Seattle gave us a first look at this proof of concept they have created for Elektra. Elektra is a massive retailer in South America and the typical store offers everything from electronics, appliances, cars, cell phones to banking services. After using the Surface to shop and compare products, you can simply drop your mobile on top to pay for the purchase.



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The Discussion

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    Eddie Starr

    It will be so awesome when this type of technology finally makes its way to the United States and becomes the "Norm"

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    I imagine we'll see some Surface computers when/if the Microsoft Retail Stores open up.  Btw, Dell just launched their Studio One 19 All-in-one desktop with touchscreen lcd.  And the price is remarkable...just a year ago, you'd pay that much just for the touchscreen LCD.  I think we'll have a growing number of vendors offer touchscreen options when Windows 7 launches.

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