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While Jennifer is out this week, Mike and Michael talk about PDC10 content while standing just outside the Windows Phone 7 ship party on the main Microsoft campus. They answer many of your Twitter questions (keep them coming by tagging them #pdc10), like: What kind of connectivity do we have in the conference center? Or: What about a trip to Dick’s Drive-In? Then, Michael Suesserman, the PDC10 Content Owner, explains why it takes so long for sessions to be published and what goes on behind the scenes to ensure the right balance of content at the event. You’ll hear about 35mm film, pre-recorded sessions, online Q&A, and more.



PDC10, PDC 2010



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The Discussion

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    I hope I don't have to wait long for the next count down show!

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    Thank you for answering my question. 




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    I'm part of the PDC10 content team and I can assure you that Michael is a tremendously busy guy! PDC10 is going to rock.


    Great work, Mr. Suesserman. Nice to see you in the limelight, too.



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    Really looking forward to PDC this year, even if I won't be there.  The live streaming content sounds great.

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    The camera man made me a little sick on this video.  Shouldn't have watched it in full screen.

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    Mr Crash

    > I'm part of the PDC10 content team and I can assure you that Michael is a tremendously busy guy!
    Being busy doesn't mean you're doing a good job  Devil


    > PDC10 is going to rock.

    I'm sceptically optimistic, last year (pdc) could have been much better. I do hope you have actually listened to the feedback and improved pdc.

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    Martin Wildam

    I can't see the video. It says "Connecting to http server..." for a while and then that text disappears and that's it.

    So I think something is still not working.

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